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Terms &


The “Seller” is defined as the legal entity Cakes By Lottie McPhees. The “Buyer” means the person (legal or natural) who buys the goods. “Goods” is defined as the items to be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer as listed in your order form/previous correspondence. 


By ordering from Cakes By Lottie McPhees you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and accept that these Conditions may be modified or amended on the website from time to time.

Payment & Deposit

Wedding Cakes:

You (the buyer) will receive a written quote from Cakes by Lottie McPhees via email, detailing the cost of the cake you are being quoted for and the design. Quotes are valid for 30 days. A £75 non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee is required from Cakes by Lottie McPhees to confirm your order. Orders are not confirmed until the £75 booking fee has been received, failure to do so will result in the loss of your date. Please refer to the section regarding cancellations for more details. The final balance is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding date, failure to complete payment  may result in your cake order being cancelled. 


Celebration cakes:

A non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your order. Payment method is via bank transfer. The remaining balance must be paid in full before day of delivery. Late or non-payments could result in loss of the booking date. In the event of a late or non-payment, the order will not proceed until alternative funding has been agreed and payment made in full. In these circumstances, subsequent completion of the order on the required date will not be guaranteed and becomes Subject to Availability. 

Refunds, Postponements & Cancellations

All booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, under any circumstance due to any loss of business arising from turning away other bookings on that date. Full refunds will never be given for any cake which has been consumed regardless of dispute, as consumption of the cake is viewed as your acceptance that the cake is adequate for the purpose for which it has been supplied. We will only ever give a partial refund of your order if the cake/cakes have been returned to us in full. As the work has already been carried out you will not receive a full refund, but you will receive a refund to the value of the order. In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel your order for any reason, then we will give you as much notice as possible, and discuss the matter with you and try to agree a suitable alternative. If you do not wish to accept our suggested alternative, then we will refund full amount paid.


Celebration Cakes: If you cancel your order with less than 14 days notice, Cakes by Lottie McPhees cannot refund any booking fees paid.

Wedding Cakes: If you ('The Buyer') cancel your wedding cake with less than 6 months notice, 50% of the full payment will be invoiced and due. If you cancel with less than 6 weeks notice, then the full balance will be due to Cakes by Lottie McPhees. This is to cover monies lost as Cakes by Lottie McPhees will have turned away other business for your order and it will be very unlikely we can fill that date at such short notice. In the event of a wedding postponement, the payment due remains the same as a cancellation. If you postpone your wedding with less than 6 months notice, 50% of the of the full payment will be invoiced and due, if you postpone your wedding with less that 6 weeks notice, then the full balance will be due to Cakes by Lottie McPhees. Subject to availability Cakes by Lottie McPhees will carry any monies paid forward to the new wedding date and will try to accommodate you ('The Buyer'). Please be aware that Cakes by Lottie McPhees will only make this change once, if the buyer wishes to postpone the date again Cakes by Lottie McPhees will treat this as a full cancellation. 


All cancellations must be made in writing via email to, verbal phone cancellations will not be legally binding

Delivery & Collection

The seller cannot be held liable for any damages to the goods we have delivered, once we have delivered or delivered and set up the cake at the venue or the delivery location. Picture evidence will be taken as proof of safe delivery. If the goods are collected from ('The Seller') Cakes by Lottie McPhees, we cannot be held liable for any damages to your cake once it has left the premises. When collecting cakes, they must be placed on a flat, non slip surface that is clean and tidy. This is the responsibility of you ('The Buyer'). Our cakes are very fragile and care must be taken when driving, so we advise to drive slowly and carefully. Goods placed outside or in a marquee, will react to the temperature. In hot/humid weather, there is the possibility of buttercream, fondant and sugar decorations melting. Our goods come with instructions on how to safely store and display your cake.

Consultations & Tasters

All wedding consultations are now done via email. Once your £75 non-refundable, Non-transferable booking fee has been received, you will be asked if you would like to try a box of our wedding cake tasters which consist of 8 pre-selected flavours. The wedding cake taster boxes are £35 for collection or if wish to have these posted, will be be £35 + Postage and are sent out 4-5 times a year. If you ('The Buyer') wish to 'try before you buy', I will be more than happy to provide cake tasters at the cost of £35. Please note this does not guarantee your booking within the wedding cake diary, a booking will only ever be confirmed, once the £75 non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee has been received.


Cakes by Lottie McPhees accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to your agreed location. Cakes by Lottie McPhees will take photographic evidence as proof of safe delivery. Cakes delivered are to be checked by you ('The Buyer') on delivery, any damages must be reported within 24 hours in writing with photographic evidence. Damages after this point are not Cakes by Lottie McPhees responsibility. The Seller will not take back any undamaged goods from the Buyer unless agreed in writing by the Seller. All Cakes by Lottie McPhees wedding/birthday/celebration cakes are fragile and therefore require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage occurring. Please pay close attention to storage and transportation instructions delivered with your cake. Please take care when displaying the cake at the wedding/event/party reception and ensuring it avoids direct sunlight, spotlights or candles which could create damage to the cake decorations. Hand-painted cakes are especially vulnerable to heat and light damage. The seller accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged by third parties during display of the goods.


If you ('The Buyer') wish to make any alterations to your order once it has been confirmed, a written request must be submitted to the seller. We will assess the request for an alteration, and endeavour to make the alteration where possible dependent on the design and amount of notice given. You will be notified of any effect on the price of the goods. 

Allergies & special dietary requirements

Please discuss with the seller if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements before placing an order with Cakes by Lottie McPhees, unfortunately Cakes by Lottie McPhees cannot provide allergen free cakes. Cakes by Lottie McPhees works in an environment where known allergens are present and we do not have the facilities to bake allergen free cakes safely, the seller therefore cannot guarantee cross contamination has occurred. Cakes by Lottie McPhees will advise, if you ('The Buyer') are to place an order, the seller will wipe down all surfaces and use separate utensils. However, Cakes by Lottie McPhees strongly recommends you ('The Buyer') do not place an order if the recipient or anyone wishing to eat the cake has severe allergies that may result in hospitalisation.


Cakes by Lottie McPhees reserves the right to alter their prices in line with the market price of ingredients and goods.

Fresh Flowers

If your wedding cake is to be decorated with fresh flowers, it is best that your florist provides these to ensure continuity. Cakes by Lottie McPhees can liaise with your florist regarding the floral decorations for your cake and please ensure you have ordered these in advance. The seller can decorate your cake with your chosen flowers upon delivery. Please ask your florist for details and advice on the toxicity of your chosen flowers, as some flowers are not suitable for use as cake decoration. Cakes by Lottie McPhees cannot be held liable for any contamination to your cake that may arise from the misuse of flowers. For fresh flowers on celebration cakes, Cakes by Lottie McPhees can advise on wh. Fresh Flower Guidance Here.

Non-edible decorations/ingredients

Cakes by Lottie McPhees products may contain non-edible ingredients or decorations such as dowels and toppers. These must be removed before serving to anyone wishing to eat the cake.

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