All my cakes are made with the best ingredients. Below is a list of my classic flavours and luxury flavours.

Please note

Due to the luxury flavours containing alcohol, there will be an extra charge associated with these flavours.



Classic vanilla sponge layered with buttercream & raspberry preserve

Classic Chocolate

A classic chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sauce


Toffee sponge with caramel sauce and peanut butter frosting

Cookies & Creme

Chocolate sponge with Oreo frosting and Chocolate sauce

Toffee Salted Caramel

Toffee sponge with buttercream and salted caramel

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Vanilla sponge with fresh raspberries, white chocolate chips, buttercream and raspberry preserve


Lemon & Mandarin

Lemon and mandarin infused sponge with buttercream and lemon curd

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate orange sponge with chocolate frosting and chocolate sauce

Banoffee Toffee

Banana and toffee sponge with buttercream and toffee sauce


Pink Gin & Lemonade

Pink gin infused sponge with lemon buttercream and raspberry preserve

Pistachio & Rose Water

Pistachio sponge with rose water buttercream and rose jelly


Light peach and vanilla sponge with prosecco buttercream and apricot preserve


Crushed pineapple and coconut sponge with white rum buttercream and pineapple preserve

Black Forest

Chocolate sponge with a rich cherry filling and buttercream

Bailey Boo

Espresso and baileys infused sponge with buttercream and chocolate sauce 

Strawberry Amaretto

Amaretto infused sponge with fresh strawberries, buttercream and strawberry preserve

Cranberry & Spiced Orange Carrot Cake

Carrot cake with mixed spice and cranberries, buttercream and raspberry preserve